Battle Of The Binge Drinking

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At the beginning of my research I started by looking up a statement that would catch my attention, I went page by page until I stumble across (Cohen 1997). The statement he had caught my attention it said "One college fraternity pledge, for example died after a seven hour drinking binge and approximately 24 drinks. His blood alcohol level was measured at 0.58, which was six times the legally establish limit to drive a vehicle (Cohen, 1997)." I proceeded into looking up the references which was about Cohen A. (1997, September 8) Battle of the Binge, time, pp. 54-56.

The article was about college students and binge drinking. I realized that from the moment freshmen set foot on campus, they are steeped in a culture that encourages them to drink, and drink heavily. At many schools, social life is still synonymous with alcohol-lubricated gatherings (Cohen). Binge drinking is a huge aspect of the culture of college life; many college students binge drink to become socially accepted in a particular group.

Binge drinking is not only considered an acceptable part of lives by many college students, but is also true for members of fraternities. Drinking for social reasons plays an important role in gestures of interest between males and females.

Arguing binge drinking is Adam Cohen in his Time article "Battle of the Binge." This article investigates the drinking habits of Louisiana State University where 20 year old Ben Wynne died from alcohol poisoning. Benjamin Wynne, 20, underwent two of the most time-honored rites of passage at Louisiana State University that week. He received a pledge from the fraternity that voted him into the brotherhood, and so he decided to celebrate by drinking.

After an off campus keg, the fraternity boys moved to a local bar where they continued to drink...