The Battle of Britain

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My topic of this essay is "the Battle of Britain". I think "the Battle of Britain" is an important event in the British 20th century. In this essay I will explain this battle between Germany and Britain, discuss the importance of winning this battle, and what could be the consequences if Britain lost this battle. Lastly I will discuss how this event has marked the British history in later time.

"The Battle of Britain" took place during the WW2, 1940. The battle was Luftwaffe's attempt to take out Britain's RAF (Royal Air Force). The purpose with this was to weaken the British air force, so the Nazi's could make a successful amphibious assault on Britain. Hitler's plan was to destroy everything that could weaken RAF, such as aircraft factories, supply depots, airports. And then "bomb away" all resistance.

Both Britain and Germany suffered heavy casualties during this "air battle".

As many as 27 540 british civilians died during this battle, mostly Londoners. In addition to the human casualties, many aircrafts were lost too. It is said that the "new" British invented radar were one of the main reasons why the RAF won over Luftwaffe. Fortunately the British won at last, and this was the Nazi German's first major military setback of the war in my opinion. After this battle Churchill said his famous words "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few".

"The battle of Britain" was crucial in the defeat of Nazi German in WW2. Britain was Hitler's greatest threat in Europe and had to be defeated. In comparison with France or any other European country, Britain was much harder to defeat. Firstly they had to cross the channel by boat; this was not possible since the...