Battling Climate Change: UNFC International Environmental Treaty analysis

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1. Intro: Why is the Climate Changing? and Who is Concerned?

2. Contractual environment: how is this all getting done?

4. Capacity: who is doing what and how?

5. The Bottom line: was the juice worth the squeeze?

Why is the Climate Changing?

A good way to describe climate change would be a cancer that is spreading through the world affecting everything in its path. Who is to cause for such a harmful thing to all living organisms on earth? People are, and because of our fossil fuel based economies the situation gets worse every day. It is very important for law makers from countries all around the globe to participate in plans to correct the climate patterns. This problem only gets more confusing and the debates more heated than the sun because every nation state is looking out for its own interest in this matter. The economies of the world hang on legislation passed global environmental law making bodies like the United Nations.

Fossil fuel is what drives the global economy, everything from your car to get to work, to the transnational shipping chain around the world. Business revolves around fuel and our nations revolve around that very business to build strong financial systems. How does fossil fuel cause climate change? Well, the answer lays around particular greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Like a greenhouse these gases allow heat from the sun to pass through the ozone layer and trap infra red radiation inside the layer, causing the earth to heat up if the right conditions are met for such a thing to happen.

Climate Change happens naturally. Some factors that contribute to the earth's climate change in the past deal with volcanic activity, continental drift, ocean heat exchange and atmospheric chemistry. This in relation to...