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The Broward Community College school cafeteria is a great area that provides good service, a variety of tasty foods; spacious eating area and the environment is well kept. People do not have to be quiet like a church mouse neither is there a great deal of noise. The majority of students at Broward Community College come to eat and enjoy the foods while; a few others come to use the cafeteria to socialize with other students.

The service at the BCC cafeteria is excellent, with a very friendly staff. There is no long waiting time for students to get their food. In some instances it is self service and even when it is not self serve the staff do a quick job in taking and placing the order. When compared to other restaurants or school cafeterias some of the staff are not responsive to customers because they maybe talking to their co-workers and take along time to attend to the customer's order.

These services are often frustrating and can turn people off in returning again. It is surprising how a smile of a total stranger can make your day a little brighter. Well at the BCC cafeteria you get the feeling that the staff enjoys serving the food to the students.

The surroundings in the cafeteria are also kept very clean. The floors, tables and walls are clean so that students feel comfortable to eat in the room. Unlike some other places, people do not even want their elbows to touch the table. Even the garbage cans are kept clean at BCC. When thinking about hygiene at the BCC cafeteria not only do you think about the surrounding where people eat but also how and where the food is prepared. This is a main concern for many students.

Well at the BCC cafeteria students would enjoy their visit there and feel comfortable eating there. The food is carefully prepared in front of everyone. For example if a person order a roast beef sandwich he or she can see how the staff makes the sandwich. You can tell the person preparing your sandwich exactly what you want on your sandwich. The comforting fact is that the staff is wearing gloves, hairnets and aprons. It is also mandatory for their nails to be kept low as not to burst gloves and harbor bacteria under their nails. There is also the fact that you can see what people are doing with your food this is indeed very comforting too. Not only are sandwiches prepared in front of you, but also the main meals. Meals are cooked in front of you behind the counter at the BCC cafeteria.

The Broward cafeteria has a wide variety of foods and beverages. Also on different days of the week they are several international cuisines to choose from. Not only is there this wide variety of food and beverages but also the quality of food is excellent. For instance the roast beef meat slices are soft and juicy. There have been no reported complaints in regards to having stale or uncooked meals or beverages.

Also, when looking around in the cafeteria you cannot help but look at the ingredients the cooks use in preparing the dishes. No wonder the food is so tasty and well seasoned. The cooks use Virgins Olive Oil, which is not cheap at all. It reduces the calories in food because the high calories can lead to poor health problems such as high cholesterol, poor circulation, heart attacks and strokes.

The seating at the Broward cafeteria was well planned and arranged efficiently. People can walk through the cafeteria freely with out bumping into chairs are tables. There are several tables in the cafeteria so it is very hard for seats to be in adequate. The chairs are well spaced around the table so there is enough leg and hand movement. This seating arrangement benefits those in wheel chairs and other handicaps too.

The Cafeteria is a good environment for several different reasons. While munching on a bagel one can do their assignments and not feel out of place. The noise level is just right, not to loud and ridiculous neither quiet and boring. It is a good place for friends and classmates to go after class and discuss an assignment or simply hang out. There are computers with Internet access right there in the cafeteria.

In conclusion there are many good things about the cafeteria at Broward Community College that would encourage a student to keep on returning. The great service, hygiene, food taste, quality and variation, seating and environment make BCC cafeteria an excellent place to go between and after classe