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1-Define e-business for the Bead Bar. How could they use e-business to increase their sales?An online store can increase the customers by defining bead art and show how they can be used for creating gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, chokers and more. This will inspire them to create their own jewelry. The website may introduce materials such as precious metal or polymer clay, glass or gemstones that are used for the manufacturing of various types of beads. Besides the online store can be used for reservation and price information of bead designing courses and workshops and shows them as activities in which friends and family can enjoy together2-The technology needed for the project, and what benefits that technology would produce.

The website will include a catalog that displays our products and to allow customers to make selections, and a method of accepting payment. These technologies and components are sometimes bundled and sometimes sold separately by various online services.

Since a bead bar contains a large number of products, we will use a catalog with a shopping cart, which can remember customers' selections as they browse our website. It is possible to get a merchant account from the payment services such as Electronic Clearing House (www.echo-inc .com) and payQuake ( which offer inexpensive merchant accounts.

3-How Web site traffic should be generatedIn the beginning we can hire a consultant to set up our online store, register to the search engines and optimize its performance and web traffic. This will be cheaper in the long run than paying high service and transaction fees. In general, the more work we are willing to do up front, the less we will pay for selling goods and services online.

4-Electronic capabilities needed for the siteThe online store should have capabilities such as options for payment...