The Beatles 1.         How was the group formed? Who were

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The Beatles 1. How was the group formed? Who were their influences? Who was their Team? Did they influence any groups? What are some significant traits? It stared with John Winston Lennon who was born in Liverpool, England, on October 9, 1941. John was bright, he loved to read, create poems, short stories, and drawings. In 1956, John first heard Elvis Presleyfs recordingfs; he was mesmerized. Johnfs mother Julia shared her minimal knowledge of banjo with him. He then obtained an in-expensive guitar. A smash hit in Britain moved John to action by Lonnie Donegan called gRock Island Line.h Lennon organized his own skiffle group, first named the Black Jacks but soon becoming the Quarry Men. Presley, Haley, Little Richard, and others were imitated. In July 1957, at Woolton, band member Ivan Vaughn introduced his friend from Liverpool Institute to John. After a few days, John invited Ivanfs friend Paul McCartney to join the Quarry Men.

James Paul McCartney was born on June18, 1942. Paul, like John, was excellent in English, composition, art and was a bright person. He was a better kid in school though than John and created an impressive scholastic record. Paulfs dad Jim had run a rather successful society band in the 1920fs. His musical background influenced Paul. Paul was determined to get a guitar when the skiffle rage hit Britain. He played left handed and had it strung in reverse order. By the summer of 1957 he had become quite good at it. He impressed the Quarry Men with his renditions of Little Richard songs. After becoming a member Paul and John became close friends. It was late in 1957 that a young fourteen year old friend of Paulfs started hanging around the Quarry Men. His name was George Harrison. George was born February 25, 1943 and attended Dovedale Primary School near Penny Lane at the same time John was there, although George was two grades behind. George met Paul at the Liverpool Institute who shared his interest in guitar, skiffle, and rock and roll. George resented formal education like John and sucked in school. Georgefs mother bought him a guitar and he taught himself how to play copying Buddy Holly. When Paul introduced George finally to the others in Quarry Men he demonstrated a few of the patterns he learned and sat in whenever he could. John looked upon George condenscendingly since he was a little quite fourteen year old but was tolerated as a friend of Paulfs. They called themselves Johnny and the Moondogs, the Rainbows and the nurk Twins. One of the most talented students at the Art College was Stu Sutcliffe. Talented but anti-social, he looked, dressed, and acted the part of the countercultural brooding artist. It was obvious Stu and John became friends seeing his rock-and-roll image as a valuable addition to his rebel image. Even though he had no idea how to play bass he bought one anyways and joined the group. Alan Williams who later became their first manager booked the group with shows and even a Scottish tour. Stu suggested the name gBeatlesh a reference to Buddy Hollyfs Crickets. Feeling it was less appealing they extended the name to Silver Beetles and for a while Long John and the Silver Beetles. John, who had a never-ending fascination with spelling and language, suggested the misspelling that was to become a legend: Beatles. In 1960 they were not very good and they all were hardly a sophisticated musical act. Alan Williams back in Liverpool contacted a club owner from Hamburg, Germany named Bruno Koschmider. He then accepted the drummerless, ill-prepared Beatles. To solve one problem, Paul McCartney approached local drummer Pete Best about joining the Beatles for a two-month booking in Hamburg. Pete immediately agreed and he and his new shiny drum set were in the Beatles. The Beatles team consisted of: Brian Epstien who commits suicide in 1967, Alan Klein who became their new manager in 1968, Dick James who did finances, and George Martin who was their producer/musician arranger.