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There have been more books published about one 20th century icon than

any other, this band that is said to have broken down barriers in all

ways, is the Beatles. Their music was said to have drivenFebruary 20, 1997

William Strang

Music 6

Concert Paper #3 that younger generation

mad. Perhaps it was because they were one of the first bands ever

play real rock and roll music; or maybe it was those cute little peacoats they

wore. Or maybe it was just because they were foreigners in the world of music,

yet seemed to fit right in with the young people. Whatever reason was, the

Beatles were a band that shaped a generation and ones soon to come.

The Beatles were more than just a rock and roll band , they were a

group of young men who wanted to go a new direction in music. John

Lennon, one of lead vocalists, basically started with the intention of moving away

from the 'Skiffle Boom Era' which was dominating the time.

In his

doing so, he began to lay the foundation for what would later be the most

famous rock band ever. The original band members were as follows : John

Lennon, vocals and guitar ; Paul McCartney, vocals ; George Harrison, guitar ; Pete

Best, drums ; Stuart Sutcliffe, bass guitar.

In March of 1961, the Beatles began to play at the club

that would later be nicknamed 'The Home of the Beatles'. The

Cavern Club, which's premises comprised a small group of cellars below a seven

story warehouse which had originally been used as an air raid shelter during the

war. Later, Alan Sytner, a jazz fan decided to open it up as a new jazz

club. After a few years, he sold it to Ray...