Beauty issues

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Beauty issues

The issues of beauty really seem to be spreading through society to quickly for anyone to really take a stand against the ideal beauty. Girls feeling that they are not beautiful unless they use a product that covers their "ugly" skin, and eventually destroys their competition. Advertisements and environment have huge effects on both girls and boys.

From early ages girls want to use makeup, they see their mothers, their magazines and television that show them that beauty, equals makeup. Young girls run around the house in heels with lipstick smudged across their faces. Young boys pushed to masculinity and pride. They start playing violent games during recess and on occasion hurt one another. Thoughts and opinions are formed in their heads of how they are supposed to act and look.

Soon they are introduced to a new environment, Junior High school. For girls it seems to be hell on earth from all hormones running wild.

Never knowing who their friends are and not knowing how to act and look. They are chasing after boys who are not quite sure of themselves. Their makeup becomes heavy and thick from the idea that beauty is everything; they know so because of how they were teased and because they of commercials like Victory secrets sexy mistresses and Cosmos beautiful young women who know how to satisfy their men. They feel that their skin isn't even close to what it should be and that without beauty they won't have relationships.

High school becomes based around a small society that takes the level of beauty to another level. Some girls start spending hours in the morning perfecting makeup and hair, they show up at school hoping the boys might notice but the only comments they receive are negative from...