before smart phones vs after smartphones

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Before Smart Phones Vs. After Smart Phones

Since the 1990's, there have been many new technologies introduced to our society. Some technologies have a positive impact while others have a negative impact on our generation. One of the most popular trending technologies that have been introduced to this generation is the smart phone. Smart phones have been a huge success in the past few years and not a single person can survive in this society without a smart phone. Although smartphones have been a great way for people to stay connected with friends and families, have entertainment right in their hands and it has been a great way for people to look up information instead of driving to the library, it also has its downfall. Smart phones play a huge role as into why the kids of this generation are prone to being socially awkward, less intelligent, and developing Nomophobia.

Since smart phone have made their way into the markets, people have been more capable of keeping contact with each other throughout the day. Because of smartphones parents are now able to keep contact with their kids when they leave the house. When kids are out and about in the street leaving their parents worried sick about where they are and what they are doing, they now have a quick way to get ahold of their kids so they can have one less weight of stress sitting on their shoulders. Smart phones are so advanced in technology that families who have separated from their relatives and moved away to a different country can now not only talk on the phone with their families, but they can also video chat so they won't feel like they are alone.

Because of the smart phones adults who live boring lives working in...