Behind the walls of sorrow

Essay by candylandcutie January 2007

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Now that I have the pencil in my hand, I'm trying to write the truth that I have kept hiding in my heart for so long, while the pencil is shaking in my hand I pray to God. "Dear God, help me to have the strength to say what I need to on this plain white paper, Give me the strength so that I don't back off of the path that I'm taking, So that I can be a fighter and endure what every Iranian women around the world is deserving of, give me the strength to fight for the rights of my county. Not to say that I was a member of one of those groups just to see the anger and suffering of our young ones wakes me up of this illusion of happiness that I have had for so long like the splash of cold water on my face which finally made me realize that there's something wrong."

With my own eyes I saw how people were treated differently just because of their status. How their dignity was played with and laughed at as if they weren't even human beings. I could see in the innocent peoples faces how their cries for freedom was covered with their fear. How people got treated differently and no matter how hard they tried they never succeeded. In reality the growth of us Iranian people outside and inside the country have been taken away, so people have no where to turn. How the sound of truth was covered up by the lies that were implanted in our heads that we eventually thought were true. The Iran that was a beautiful and safe country is now smothered by the hands of the government who tells nothing but cold lies, and the label...