Being the Best that I can Be

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Best. Webster's dictionary defines "best" as the most excellent sort to the highest degree. Although the word is commonly used, there are many variations for it's exact interpretation. I believe "Being the Best that I Can Be" is partial to the speaker's mindset. The best of anything is frequently used to describe the highest quality in a given category.

Everyday in life, challenges and decisions are commonly brought up. Choices must be made from birth until death. Among the few significant options one can take is to give or not to give one's best.

Behind true effort, there is always true motivation. Motivation to be the best and to give your best is often stated in many aspects of life. In a personal sense, the best is the greatest and the most that one can give. The saying, "Being the Best that I Can Be" is only worth as much as the speaker himself/herself.

The "best" is only achieved when utilizing one's full potential and in essence, one's full potential is boundless. Therefore, one's best is not a benchmark or a standard but the increasing or decreasing of an idea.

There is always a vision before greatness. Many times in life the best is required of oneself. Through hardships and persistence if the best is given, there is no other option but success. All venerated people throughout history had a common drive. Franklin, Edison, Lindbergh; these men were all inspirational and had great visions and the motivation and drive to back them up. The great scientists, innovators and heroes we reminisce about all had and have these few and common ethics. To these greats, drive was not merely desired, but even more was a necessity. Their fuel to be better welded within them. These beings are uncommon but the...