Belief Systems: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

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Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have the same roots, Abrahamic roots. In addition, these religion have a common sacred city, Jerusalem. In this paper I will discuss the top two current issues facing the religions above cited.


Worldwide Anti-Semitism

Surprisingly, it is unclear why anti-Semitism is so widespread. Possibly because most western nations believe in a very old "pseudo Christian" tradition that affirms "the Jews killed Jesus" without acknowledging that Jesus also was a Jew with all the apostles included. Or because Judaism does not seek converts, one can not convert to Jew just by wishing. As a result, everybody else sees them as a group apart, envy perhaps? For the reason above cited, I think most Anti-Semitism is racial hate rather than religious hate.

Regional Anti-Semitism

For four thousand years the Arabs and Jews have hated each other. The hatred among Arabs and Jews goes back to Abraham. Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael.

Isaac's descendants are the Jew nation and Ishmael's descendants are the Arabs nations. Both nations proclaim to be the bearers of Abraham's legacy and have their sacred books to prove it. The torah says it was Isaac and The Quran says it was Ishmael. Consequently, The Israeli Palestinian issue came from the Isaac-Ishmael issue; however it goes further than that. In 1946 the United Nations created a new country named Israel for the Jewish people. The land was settled by Arabs who were removed from their homes. All Arab nations combined their forces and attacked Israel, however at the end; the Arab coalition was defeated by Israel. Since the end of the war, the Arabs continue to have as main goal the extermination of the Jew nation. I believe that Israel, and consequently Judaism has a right to exist and to defend them self.