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" Kids, I have some good news, we don't have to move to Belize for my Job anymore," said my dad. I am so pleased we are not moving to Belize because it does out suit the needs of my family. It has an unstable economy, not a very good educational system, and the country is still undeveloped. I think that moving to Belize would be the wrong decision, I'm glad my family and I could come to a rational decision about whether to move to Belize to not.

First of all, Belize has had an unstable economy ever since it became independent in 1981. My family would much rather live in a country that is not likely to have an economic crisis and has a very stable economy. Belize's economy is mainly based on agriculture, which does not support my dad's job. He is the director of marketing for a company that makes and sells advanced blood testing machines and other medical instruments to hospitals.

His line of work is in industry not agriculture. Belize is also receiving finical aid, though we are not sure on how much. It would be definitely be bad if Belize went into major debt with the countries that are providing them with the financial aid and therefore Belize would become poorer than it already is.

Further more, Belize does not have a very good educational system. My parents believe in getting and education and attending a good university so we can get good jobs. Belize does not offer this kind of education to us. In Belize you are only required to go to school until the age of 14, and only 50% of them continue their education because most help their parents on the farms. Belize also lacks good schools and...