The Benefits of Home Schooling. A short essay which compares home schooling to the traditional public school and lists many of the benefits of home schooling.

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The Benefits of Home Schooling

The education in our public schools has been on the down slope for many years. With the increased amount of drugs, school shootings, and other dementia in these schools, more and more parents are making the choice to home school their children. Although many people claim that public education is better and more suitable for children, many facts and statistics show that home schooling is equally, if not more, beneficial.

Home schooling parents have many different reasons for choosing to home school their children. According to the Parent-NHES:1999 (

o.asp?pubid=2001033), almost 50 percent of the home schooled students whose parents were surveyed said that the reason for choosing to home school their children was because their child would have a better education at home. Most children would be able to learn better at home because they are able to learn at their own pace while, in public schools, they have to learn at the pace the teacher sets, which may be too fast or too slow for different students.

Also, at home, the child is able to have more "hands-on" activities and be more in touch with nature and the outside world and even include many of these things in his or her studies.

Most parents object when someone teaches their children and idea or theory contrary to theirs or teaches them something the parent does not deem appropriate, which occasionally happens in public school. This is also one of the more popular reasons for parents to choose to home school over public school. Home schooling allow the parent to instill upon their children moral and religious values without having anyone else, such as in public school, try to change that. The children can grow up with the rest of the family in the religious...