The Benefits of Learning English.

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There is a lot of advantages of learning English. For example when you are studying on English course's you can get acquainted with new people . In a classes you have discussions with them, every day you see each other and you can talk with them about something, like "How are you?"; "What is the news?" and this is some type of friendship.

But sometimes you may have some difficulties such as misunderstanding, which depend on insufficient luggage of knowledge. But you can to compensate the lacks using a phrase book or the dictionary. This is a good way to learn more words.

Moreover, if you are know English language you can be very successful person. For example you can to communicate with foreigners from other countries. To do businesses in western countries. To find new friends

from different area. To get a well paid job in foreigner countries.

In conclusion we have a lot of benefits of learning English.

This benefits will appear during all our life. That is why we must learn by hard this foreigner language.