"Benito Creno" by Herman Melville.

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Captain Delano's Character

There's always that person who is just too nice and innocent to survive in society. Sometimes society just has to bit the bullet and think the un- thinkable. Captain Delano was a good natured and observant person through out the story. He was observant, but that did not allow him to fit things together that were going on in front of him. He was a sea captain from Massachusetts, and runs the merchants ship the Bachelors Delight. Delano not being able to realize what is occurring on the San Dominick played a major role in the short story" Benito Cereno" written by Herman Melville.

Captain Delano is known to be the nice character in the short story. When he sees the San Dominick wondering around not knowing who he is his natural instinct is to go and offer his assistance. Even when he is introduced with no respect, on the Spanish galleon and falls to believe the stories he is told about the ship, he sends his own men back to bring food, water, and supplies to the starving Spanish crew and African slaves.

When he realizes that the slaves have rebelled against Cereno and the Spaniards, he encourages his crew to go on board and fight the evil forces. With all of Delano and his men helping, during this spur of the moment fight, Cereno and his ship are saved because of Captain Delano's good sprit and friendliness ready to help even a stranger, and bringing along his men to help. Captain Delano's personality towards other people even strangers helped him but also hurt him. He wasn't admired for the compassion he showed strangers or even friends. He didn't help them for the fact to meet them he did it because it was his good...