"The Best Little Girl in the World." By Steven Levenkron

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Levenkron, Steven. The Best Little Girl in the World. New York: Warner Books, 1997.

ISBN #: 0-446-35865-7

Summary: The story begins with a little girl named Francesca, who wanted to become a professional ballerina. Her older brother and sister always get the attention because her brother is a smart lawyer and her sister is a complete rebel, so of course she never gets any attention or love from her parents. It all starts off when her ballet instructor tells Francesca to lose weight if she actually wants to become a professional. From there Francesca starts to not eat and if she does she throws it up. After a couple weeks of starving her self and binging and purging, she loses too much weight and her parents get nervous. At first they yell at her and tell her they will ground her if she doesn't eat, so of course she doesn't care because if they ground her she will stay in her room the whole time and not eat and practice ballet.

Then Francesca decides that she is starting to look like a whole new person. So she decides to changer her name to Kessa, a new look, a new name. Kessa then becomes so thin that she becomes very sick, so her parents took her to psychiatrists, and they didn't help. So in the end they had to send her to the hospital and after months and months of being in the hospital she finally finds a doctor she can relate to. The doctor sees her everyday and helps her begin to eat, finally in the end the doctor found that the first reason why Kessa did this was to get attention from her parents because they never gave her any. She then gains weight and gets back...