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The Letter to the Hebrews is one of the legion writings in the New Testament.

Although no one has been proven to be the author of the Letter to the Hebrews, many people infer Paul is the author. Because there is no address on the title page, no author is given complete acknowledgment One can also make the argument that Paul was not the writer, due to reference in the Letters of Paul. We see an example that Paul is the true author due to the book of Timothy. In chapters thirteen and twenty-three, there is mention of The Letter to the Hebrews being written by Paul and gathers who traveled with him. The Letters to the Hebrews teachings were directed to the Jewish Christians. I I assumed that the Jewish Christians would have been afraid to be persecuted such as Jesus was. But actually their circumstances were they lost their Christianity.

When they did not accept Paul's letters, they slowly lost all morals and the way to Christianity. Since Christianity was not accepted by others, it was very difficult to express their love and passion for Jesus. While interpreting The Letters to the Hebrews, the Bible makes reference to two major themes. One of the themes is that of the excursion of the disciples of God to Jerusalem. This theme shows us and connects us with Jesus and the after life.

This is theme is of immense importance, but there is one theme, which is known as the primary theme. The Bible states that, "Priesthood and sacrifice of Jesus is not developed for its own sake but as a means of restoring their lost fervor and strengthening them in their faith."(Hebrews Introduction) This theme represents loyalty and honor in Christian faith. It shows how Jesus restores faith...