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Ron Unz and Bilingual Education The articles chosen to compare are both very similar and successful. Their main difference is their content. The difference between them is that one was written two years ago and talks about Ron Unz' life at the beginning of his career, and published by Time magazine. The second one was written in this current year, talking about Unz proposition about the removal of bilingual education and was published by Newsweek magazine.

They are both very successful articles that carry their main idea with details, examples and facts. Their main idea talks about the removal of bilingual education of school programs in California and about Ron Unz, who is the person behind this movement. The titles of these articles are "The Man behind Proposition 227" and the second article is titled "Habla Ingles, Por Favor." Both articles give details and examples about Ron Unz' background and career.

"The Man Behind Proposition 227" is an article written in 1998 and published by Time magazine. This article mentions many details about Ron Unz' background. For example, he was born out of wedlock and was raised in a bilingual atmosphere. His relatives were Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants and grew up speaking Yiddish. After going to school in Cambridge University, he formed a financial-software firm called Software Analytics. In contrast this with the article "Habla Ingles, Por Favor", mentions some information about his background but with not so many details. It mentioned only some of Cadena - 2 the information above, just to give us an idea of who this person is.

"Habla Ingles Por Favor" mentions information that is more current and not so personal about Ron Unz. In this article it is explained what Ron Unz is after with his proposal. This proposal states that...