Biology And Fish

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Agnatha Lamprey, Hagfish Jaw-less, cartilage, unpaired fins, parasitic, exothermic.

Chondrichthyes Sharks, Rays, Skates Cartilage, jaws, paired fins.

Osteichthyes Monk Fish, Parrot Fish Bone 4 calcium, jaws, paired fins, swim bladder, ext. fert.

Amphibia Sicilians, Newts, Frogs Metamorphize, breathe through skin, stronger limbs, most reproduce in water, gill slits, lungs, legs.

Reptillia Snakes, Lizard, Turtle Scales, retain water, leathery skin, lays eggs, int. fert, exothermic.

Mammalia Humans Hair, endothermic, 4 chamber heart, mammary glands, live young, parental care.

Aves Killdear, House Finch Feathers insulate, endothermic, spongy fused bones, toothless, 1 ovary, parental care, complex courtship.

Chondrichthyes Aves (last) Agnatha ^ > Osteicthyes > Amphibia > Reptilla > ^ > Mammalia Archaeopteryx "“ Possibly the first bird Kidneys were developed to pump extraneous water 150 m.y.a. Had feathers. Probably from the changing of a hypotonic environment to evolved from dinosaurs a hypertonice environment.

Birds started gliding from tree to tree The origin functions of feathers were for thermal prying on small animals.

regulation and gliding from tree to tree.

All chordates have: Meteor, 6 miles in diameter, 10,000 Hiroshima bombs.

1) Gill slits at a point Destroyed all life. Mammals were small fur balls at 2) Dorsal nerve chord the time. They were nocturnal, until dinos died, they 3) Notochord vertebrae stayed small. Once they died off, mammals prospered.

4) Tail with muscles Primates the best.

Kingdom "“ animale Due to flucuating mineral levels in fresh water fish Phylum "“ chordata developed bones when there was and excess of Sub-phylum "“ vertebrae calcium. When the levels were low the fish used Class "“ the 7 of them up the calcium in order to survive.

1 "“ Notochord Amniotic eggs, Internal fertilization, and scaly skin 2 "“ Kidney enable reptiles to colonize land in ways amphibians 3 "“ Calcified bone could not.

4 "“ Lungs 5 "“ Limbs Pikia is thought to be the ancestor to all vertebrates.

Anura "“ frogs and toads Monotreves "“ spiny ant-eaters, duck bill platytapus Urodela "“ salamanders Marsupials "“ pouched animals Apoda "“ sicilian Placental "“ born alive Rhynchocephalia "“ Tuataras Squamata "“ lizards and snakes Crocodilia "“ crocodilians Chelonia "“ turtles