Biology Capstone Project

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ABSTRACT The Biology Capstone Project (BCP) is the assessment of learning and how well people understand the scientific method as well as conducting and hosting an experiment.

The objectives of the experiment were to find whether males and females react to the hair color stereotype. People often degrade or downsize people because they may be blonde, therefore less intelligent.

Thoughts concerning brunettes and blondes and physical reactions were obtained and recorded. There was a test in which people had to answer with either brunette or blonde. Notes were taken at the mall on who was treated with more respect and who got more attention. The conclusion was that blondes have been stereotyped in a biased manner, when we cannot assume or judge things about people we do not know.

LITERATURE REVIEW Behavior Analysis is a complex and intuitive job. It's the art of figuring out why people act the way that they do.

Behavior analysis is related to biology because it's the study of something. You're analyzing and learning new things and that is what biology is all about. It is the study of why people do certain things, how they do them, and after all the analyzing, they come to a logical conclusion. Blondes and brunettes are stereotyped by how smart they are, whether or not they are promiscuous, just by the looks of them, just by the looks of their hair.

Stereotyping happens everyday. People assume things when they know nothing, just by the look of someone or something. How many dumb blonde jokes have you heard? "How do you know when a blonde has used a computer?"� "There's white-out on the screen."� Jokes like those do a lot of damage to blondes in general. Most people think that brunettes are more reliable and more intelligent than blondes...