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Principle 1: Stable balance requires a low center of gravity, a wide base of support, a center of gravity within the base, and a large mass.

Stability is used throughout a basketball game, because all the players movement is in a stable position or he would be in a bad position were it would cause him to get injured or shoot a bad shot. Stability is the base of support is the area within and under all parts of the body in contact with the ground. In basketball, a player has to shoot, pass, dribble, and play defense, but with all those criteria, the player has to be in a stable position. For a player the base of support is the area between there two feet contacting the ground, or one foot when pivoting or jumping. If the player contacting the ground falls out of place, this can cause the players balance and this can lead to a bad shoot or a poor defensive footwork.

When a player is playing defense, they tend to jump up and down to stay up to the offensive player, but this is a bad habit. A player should keep their center of gravity on the same horizontal plane and fairly low when moving. So the higher you are off the ground, the unstable the player is, causing him to be slower on the defensive side of the game. Also when a player is pivoting, they should pivot in small circle because then their body would be balance and reduce force, which will throw the body off balance. Basically what I am trying to say is that, the faster and wider a body moves the less balance a player will have.

Principle: 2 The production of maximum force requires the use of all the joints...