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Bio Molecule: Unknown and Known Testing.

Purpose: To identify what kind of biomolecules are in the known and unknown substances.

Hypothesis: With the known organic compounds, they will all result in positive when being tested with the reagent that is asked to be tested with.

The unknowing substances will vary, due to there are many reagents being tested with each substances, some biomolecules will be found in some and others won't be present.

Setup: Have the unknown and known substance separated in a container along with a 10 ML pipet for each substance.


-Test Tubes

-10 ml pipets

-Known Organic Substance: Starch - Corn Starch, Protein - Albumin, Reducing Sugars.

- Reagents: Iodine, Benedict, Biuret, Sudan IV and Paper Spot Test.

- Unknown substance A, B, C, and D.

- Hot plate

- Test tube clamps


Same steps will follow for both known and unknown substances, starting with known substances, testing Starch with Iodine:

You will take a full pipet filled with the Corn Starch and place it into the test tube, then grab the Iodine and place 3 drops and shake the tube, if the substances changes colors to a gray or dark purple the substance is present.

The same steps will apply for Protein- Albumin with Biuret.

With Reducing Sugars, you take a full pipet worth of reducing sugars and place it into a test tube, then add three drops of Benedict solution and shake, preheat the hot plate and place in the test tube into the boiling water and let it sit for 2-3 minutes, if it turns into a light green, yellow, or red then the substance is present.

With Lipids - Corn Oil: place one or two drops of the fluid on the sheet of brown paper, take a sheet of paper towel...