It's about the movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a director who like to make scary movie.

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The Birds

Birds are such lovely animals in the world. But in Alfred Hitchcock's , innocent birds become evil, and even the clever humanity become weakness and helpless.

Every unreasonable bird attach happens since Melanie has been to Bedega Bay with two lovebirds in the cage. Why? Why the attack will happen since Melanie comes to Bedega Bay? "You evil, evil, evil!" A woman points at Melanie shouting madly for assuming all occur because of the arriving of Melanie. Without any words, Melanie just slaps the woman with resentment and also as a protest. At another former scene of this little restaurant after the birds first attack Melanie, people are all discussing the reason of the bird attack. It's not a punishment from the God, neither a revenge from the birds because an old lady who is a professor of the ornithology says she had never seen or heard of a bird attack like that crazy, she doesn't believe it is a revenge.

At last, a psycho man who holds a beer in the air shouts loudly,"It's the end of the world!" as a conclusion for this nonsense discussion.

Then why, why Hitchcock created a terrible bird attack when a beautiful love story between Midge and Melanie just had begun. At first, it seems to be talking about the battle between humanity and the birds, until I found out there was no final battle between them, I realized Hitchcock's movie was not so exterior. It seems more to talk about the relationship between people and people in this love story. Have you ever thought about what the love story will become if the birds didn't attack? Apparently is Midge and Melanie will never be together because lots of factors, Firstly, it's Midge's mother doesn't like any women who approaches Midge...