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Snowboarding and skiing are two very different sports that people commonly confuse as similar. In fact snow is probably the only thing these two sports have in common.

In snowboarding you use a single board that you stand on sideways. In skiing you use two skis and stand on them facing forward. When stopping on a snowboard you need to turn your entire body horizontally and lean back. When stopping on skis all you have to do is make your skis into an upside down "V" shape. As your going down the hill, sideways, on a snowboard you lean your body backwards and forwards to dig the board into the snow and make yourself turn. On skis you need to point your body and skis in the direction to turn.

In snowboarding you just go down the hill by yourself and rely only on yourself, where in skiing they use ski poles to help move them selves along and go faster.

Also in snowboarding you have to unhook your right foot from the board before getting on a chairlift, but skiers don't need to. In skiing there is only one way to go down the hill, forward. In snowboarding you have two options goofy, which is left foot first or regular, which is right foot first.

So, as you can hopefully see now snowboarding and skiing are two totally different sports. If you're going to try one I recommend snowboarding for a better rush!