Black water rafting, internal and external environment. strategic management

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1. Introduction

The following report illustrates the development of Black Water Rafting which is an adventure cave tubing trip company in the district of Waitamo, New Zealand. BWR was created in October on 1987 by John Ash who was 52 and Peter Chandler who was 37 as the New Zealand's first cave tubing/rafting tour.

The report will initially analyse the organisation's non-existent mission statement. Following this it appreciate the internal and external context of the business demonstrating the analysis of the resources and environment that the organisation has. Following this, future potential strategies will be identified.

Concluding the report…

2. Internal environment

2.1. Mission Statement

A mission statement can be defined as

"A formalised statement of the overall strategic purpose of an organisation." (Evans et al. 2003)

The purpose of the mission statement is to communicate to all stakeholders inside and outside the organisation what the organisation stands for and where it is heading.

Some authors such as Drucker (1974), Argenti (1986) and Johnson & Scholes (1999) state that a mission statement is essential to set objectives, utilise resources and to develop future strategies. The authors' main reason for having a mission statement is to offer a long-term aim.

Black Water rafting does not have any mission statement as it does not have any formal strategic purpose.

In addition, this organisation does not have any settled objectives and the founders who are at the same time owners, do not have either plan for the future, or a long-term aim.

Proved in Whittington's Model as will be shown later, the company is in an emergent situation, therefore, they don't have deliberate plans.

According to Johnson & Scholes (1999) a mission statement should address the issue of being visionary and despite BWR not possessing a mission, what it does have is a...