Blade II.

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Blade II

Blade II comes straight from the comics that produced the first blockbuster Blade. Blade II has all of the components need to be known as one of the greats in horror movie history. It is even twice as sharp as the first Blade. The special effects are amazing. There is a great storyline combined with good directing, acting, and settings.

If you haven't seen the first Blade movie, you can definitely see the second Blade and understand it. It had a very good storyline which doesn't contain many important factors from the first Blade. You may miss a surprise character resurrection here and there, but other than that the story is very obvious. Blade is a part human and part vampire, vampire slayer. He is very dedicated to protecting human kind from his nemesas. But in Blade II, there's a new evil in town called the Reapers.

They are stronger, faster, smarter, cooler, and a lot more scary than regular vampires. Blade is forced to to join forced with a vampire "Blood Pack" to defeat the new bad guys and keep the underworld safe for vampires and human alike. The thing is, the creepy pack members are less than thrilled to be working with Blade. After all, their pack was formed to kill him. Still, that does not stop one of them, Nyassa, who eventually becomes Blade's not so creepy love interest.

The acting in the movie is also very good. Blade is played by Wesley Snipes who is a tough guy extraordinare and he packs all the heat necessary to slay evil wherever it may lurk. Generally, in this movie and the first one, evil hangs out in the underworld with pale faced vampire wannabes called familiars, along with the bloodsuckers themselves. Even the "Blood Pack"...