Blades Of Destiny

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Blades of Destiny Chapter 3- Retribution A whole year had passed since the Neo-Midgar project had gone underway. Indeed, Reeve's plan of creating Mako Reactors which actually recycled Mako energy back into the Lifestream had been a success and the inhabitants of Neo-Midgar had forgotten the destruction that had befallen them a year before.

Neo-Midgar was much larger than the original Midgar in terms of structure. It had spread out far, up to the deep brown, barren parts of the land that had once surrounded the old Midgar. Like the original Midgar, Neo-Midgar was divided into 8 different sectors, though much larger and much spread out that before. No longer was there a patch of barren land around the city- the surrounding area was completely full of green. There was something different about Neo-Midgar though: the reactors were nowhere to be seen.

Neo-Midgar had looked and felt different that the very first Midgar.

Instead of it being a dark and metalic city like it was before, it was now a combination of techno-metallic buildings with the green and beauty of the Planet's trees and grass. In essence, the city of Neo-Midgar had both the ingenuity of humanity and the peace and tranquility of the Planet. Could this mean that the Planet is once again in tune with man? *** 3 people were sitting in a bar together drinking some beer. Consisting of 2 males and 1 female, they were all wearing a uniform of a suit.

"Are we on assignment?" asked the yellow haired girl who was with the men.

"No Elena, we're off duty." replied the man with long black hair.

"... oh." replied Elena. "But Reno, why don't we just be on alert or something in case something comes up from HQ?" "... Elena. We're Turks. We know...