"Bless Me Ultima": Rudolfo Anaya's Magic Belief.

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The Golden Carp, Ultima's Owl, Healing herbs, and Powers, A fantasy or a true belief in magic? Rudolfo Anaya believes in magic and three supporting facts, the Golden Carp, Ultima's Owl, and her healing herbs and Powers.

On Ultima's Owl it shows a great deal in magic belief. One way it is, is by when the Owl senses danger it alerts Ultima by letting her see and hooting. Another way is how it protects her of dangers like when Tenorio tried to hurt her, the owl destroyed his eye. My last supporting detail is when the Owl is mortally wounded Ultima starts to die and as the owl dies so does she. In other words the owl is defiantly not a 'Normal' occurrence now is it?

His second show of Magic is within Ultima's Healings. By this he shows magic can overcome magic which is saying obviously that he believes in magic.

When Ultima destroyed the curse on Lucas by transferring the Evil to Tony making it purified. Also when she destroyed the other curse that tenorio set on Tony's uncles house all the detail and specific detail is a sure sign of belief. All in all it's all just another fine example of his true belief.

Last but certainly not the least, the Golden Carp which said there were other gods and all had their own magical tales. The Golden Carps mission was to guide all the humans that where turned to carp in the 'Cleansing'. Also that only this fish has golden scales and shows itself at specific times throughout the story. Lastly, The Carp shows and has a feel of magic to it and how long it's lived, no carp lives that long!

As these Examples prove Rudolfo Anaya surely must believe in...