The Blitz, Sources questions.

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1. Study Source A

What can people learn from Source A about the response of the British people to the effects of the Blitz?

People can learn that the British responded to terror and tragedy with courage and determination and that even people in the most appalling circumstances still managed to keep their sense of humour. People can learn that it wasn't only soldiers that were involved in the war and that ordinary civilians were often heroes too, this is described by the phrase 'they didn't have to be in uniform to be heroes.' However we do have to doubt this because of the origin of the source. It must obviously contain primary sources in the book but the publisher is only going to show one side because we have to take in to consideration that it was published to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Blitz. Therefore it would not show the bad things like the deaths and fear but only the bravery and unity of the British people. I can conclude from this that it is a biased source.

2.Study Sources B,C,

How useful are sources B and C in helping you to understand the effects of the Blitz on the people in Britain.

Source B is very useful in helping me to understand the effects of the Blitz on the people in Britain because it shows us that not everything had a happy ending as is shown in Source C. It is also useful because it helps me to understand the attempts of the government to keep up morale by censoring such morbid photographs as this one. It shows bodies in sacking and air raid wardens that are standing there but are helpless. It shows a variety of civilians that are trying to...