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"As like each other as two new pins."

Within the play Mickey and Edward are presented differently due to their upbringing. Mickey is created to be friendly and very adventurous, as he like to play adventure games with his friends. Edward is presented as a friendly, generous character who a well-behaved, shy little boy.

There are many differences and similarities throughout the play.

The first difference is that Mickey makes friends easily than, unlike Edward who hardly has any friends this is because Mrs Lyons rarely lets Edward go out to play. Mrs Johnston lets Mickey roam round freely without any rules this lets Mickey socialise more than Edward.

Another difference is there education. Edward has a better education than Mickey as Edwards's parents can afford to send him to a private school. Edward knows many large words, which a normal seven year old would not. For example in the play if Edward does not know the meaning of a word he would get his dictionary out and look it up on the other hand Mickey does not know what a dictionary is.

This suggests to the reader Edward has a good, strong education and that he is independent.

The next difference between Mickey and Edward is the class of their families. Mickey comes from a lower class family than Edward. Mickey's family gets treaded like dirt from the policeman as he threatened the Johnston family with court. The policeman acts the total opposite with the Lyons family as he has a scotch with Mr Lyons, this shows he wants to stay on their good side and blames the lower class for Edwards mistakes as he said " If y' don't mind me sayin' this I'm not sure I'd let him mix with the likes of them in the future,