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orge Stephenson designed this engine who then built the famous 'Rocket' that ran from Manchester to Liverpool in 1830. He won a prize of £ 500 for the Rocket in 1829. Steam transport had begun a ...

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Our Day Out Essay

Willy Russell was born in 1947 at Whiston near Liverpool. His school career in the 'D-stream' was undistinguished and as a result, he left school w ... s around this time when Willy Russell began writing plays.'Our Day Out' is set in the inner city of Liverpool. This area had a high amount of environmental problems that included derelict houses, vand ... There were very little facilities available and as a result, only a few people continued to work in Liverpool. One example was education. There were only a limited number of good teachers and children ...

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Personal Statement

ation Network), such as the Universities Award and Challenge Awards.Other achievements, such as the Liverpool Curriculum Enhancement Programme (CEP) or Diploma of Achievement.Your future plans.Any sub ...

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Explain your ideas for staging the opening scene of 'Educating Rita'. Show how you think your ideas would be a good reflection of Russell's intention.

Willy Russell wrote this play and he was born near Liverpool. After leaving school, he trained to be a printer even though he did not want to do it. Ho ...

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"Wuthering Heights"- Emily Bronte. What do you learn of Heathcliff's character and actions in chapter 6? How does Bronte present Thrushcross Grange? How important is social class in the novel?

character of mystery in the beginning of the novel; his youth seemed to be spent on the streets of Liverpool before Catherine's father took him home and looked after him. As a young boy, he was quiet ...

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The Accident !!!

It was a pleasant, shiny day. Milan and Liverpool had to play the big match. The match was going to take place on the Liverpool ground. Thou ... their places and the game was ready to commence. After only five minutes that the whistle had gone Liverpool scored. The fans started to cheer and lit up flares. After two minutes people from the Mil ... started to cheer and lit up flares. After two minutes people from the Milan stand started to run as Liverpool supporters were aiming flares in their direction.The police started to take action althoug ...

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Heathcliff vs. Edgar in Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights"

two men had very different childhoods. Heathcliff was born into squalor and wandered the streets of Liverpool until Mr. Earnshaw took him home to his family. He was dirty and his clothes were ragged. ...

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"Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte. Do you agree with this statement? "I was wonderful being a woman in the world of Wuthering Heights."

Heights. She was the daughter of Mr. Earnshaw. One day, her father brought an orphan with him from Liverpool, and he was Heathcliff. From that time on, Heathcliff entered Catherine's life. They fell ...

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How did Britain profit from the slave trade?

different components that made up the slave trade. 1st, port cities in Britain such as Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol would send vessels full of good such as guns, gun powder, iron bars and alcoho ...

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Choose a well-known leader and by using the resources at analyse their qualities against the 4 E criteria. Use evidence to show how successfully they apply to these criteria.

d professional with unrivalled tactical knowledge. Gerard Houllier has a long history of supporting Liverpool. He was a teacher before a football manager, teaching at Alsop school in Walton. His manag ... vision for the future, an objective to be achieved in the future. Houllier's vision was to rebuild Liverpool football club in order to make it as successful as it was a decade ago. This would be done ...

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Commentary on 'The Lesson' by Roger McGough

d that he has received an O.B.E for his contributions to poetry from the Queen. McGough was born in Liverpool and attended school in the nineteen-forties and fifties during a time when corporal punish ...

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Beatle Mania

fe.Often heroes, like the Beatles, become legends. Four people started out in the well know city of Liverpool, England, and eventually became known as the Beatles. It didn't take long before critics d ...

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The Beatles

s . Espero el trabajo sea de su total agrado.Capitulado I) La influencia de la cultura popular I.1) Liverpool y John Lennon, origenes de la leyenda- Corria el año 1955 y el mundo estaba ... hn Lennon que cursaba los ultimos años en el Quarry Bank High School de la ciudad de Liverpool.Es importante señalar que Liverpool es una ciudad-puerto de Inglaterra y a ...

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Alexei Sale Monloulogue

over whether a sticky bun is related to such philosophers as Proust, in a cake shop in the heart of Liverpool? For me it is that stereotypes are present to be broken, and they always will be, as long ...

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Impacts And Consequences Of The Industrial Revolution On Society

or as hands on nearby farms. The advent of industry saw many rural people moving to cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, for employment in the new factories. There were an abundance of jobs for t ...

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Hindley Is Not The Central Character In Wuthering Heights

central character in this novel.Catherine and Hindley are first mentioned when their father goes to Liverpool. At this point in the novel neither one takes on a more important role. After their father ...

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Wuthering Heights

ken back to the time when Heathcliff was a young, gypsy boy. Heathcliff was found on the streets of Liverpool by Mr. Earnshaw, who brought him home to live at Wuthering Heights. When Mr. Earnshaw intr ...

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Wuthering Heights Character Analisis

eginning because that his violin from his dad that was supposed to be brought back from his trip to Liverpool was smashed. This happened because Mr. Earnshaw brought back Heathcliff. When they had gro ...

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Brief Review Of The Lusitania

a just the way that they said they were.In spring 1915 the great Lusitania left New York to sail to Liverpool with around 2160 passengers onboard. The Lusitania attracted so many wealthy people who li ...

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Our day out.

ur Day Out’. It is written by Willie Russell and is based around a school trip from Inner city Liverpool to Conway Castle, Wales. The general plot is how a teacher, Mr Briggs', attitude towards t ... the stage directions it claims they live in ‘The streets’ of ‘inner-city’ ‘Liverpool’. Mrs Kay knows that the chances are that in their later lives they won’t amount ...

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