Choose a well-known leader and by using the resources at analyse their qualities against the 4 E criteria. Use evidence to show how successfully they apply to these criteria.

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Born in Therouanne, France, Gerard Houllier is seen as dedicated professional with unrivalled tactical knowledge. Gerard Houllier has a long history of supporting Liverpool. He was a teacher before a football manager, teaching at Alsop school in Walton. His managerial career began in 1973 as a player coach with French team Le Touquet. He managed Lens for three years and then he moved to the capital managing Paris St. Germain. As manager at Paris St Germain he won the French championship in the year 1986. In 1994 Arsene became national coach of Holland. It was in 1996 that he became manager.

Envision. The first of the four E's is about having a vision for the future, an objective to be achieved in the future. Houllier's vision was to rebuild Liverpool football club in order to make it as successful as it was a decade ago. This would be done through winning trophies and being amongst the elite in Europe.

Liverpool were once the biggest club in Britain and even Europe, but in the 90's they became second best to Manchester United, Liverpool's greatest rivals. Houllier wanted to make Liverpool football club bigger than Manchester United again. Making Liverpool reign in Britain and Europe again would give Gerard legendary status. He would be amongst the great heroes such as Shankly, Paisley, Fadden and Daglish, all legends as managers taking Liverpool to success during their time in charge.

Enable. This is about having the ability to achieve the vision. This could be through natural ability, financial ability, equipment and tactical ability. Gerard Houllier had the ability to manage his team and make them perform to their full potential. To fully succeed in achieving his vision for the future he required financial help. He was able to gain this through the Liverpool...