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Everyone has a hero. Sometimes a hero can contribute to a group as large as a whole nation, or sometimes a hero can only effect one person's life.

Often heroes, like the Beatles, become legends. Four people started out in the well know city of Liverpool, England, and eventually became known as the Beatles. It didn't take long before critics discovered the Beatles talent, and within years, they won the hearts of people world-wide. Designating a hero for a stamp seems one of the best ways to give credit to a hero. The Beatles deserve this credit because they presented a new style to the world, revolutionized popular music around the world, and imprinted their faces in the memory of their fans.

Shaggy, moppy hair has portrayed the Beatles for years. At first, the Beatles went for the "too cool" look, with their hair slicked back and their cool clothes.

Luckily, that look disappeared, and the Beatles morphed into the heart-throbbing teenagers that everyone knows and loves. In addition to changing appearance, the Beatles changed many other things. Initially, the Beatles work sounded simple and fresh; however, their later music became more experimental works. Creating a distinct sound and look, the Beatles conquered America and earned their claim to fame.

"One of the most famous ensembles of the rock-and-roll era" described the Beatles and the way they changed Rock-and-Roll. Leading what later became known as the British Invasion, the Beatles came over to America as four musicians. Their innovative and experimental works later became known as the first concept album, an album that has one theme throughout. Achieving unprecedented popularity, the Beatles held many concerts. People screamed until their hearts pounded as hard as a drum. Fans cried with joy and excitement when they finally had the chance to meet the Beatles. Besides winning the hearts of teenagers world-wide, the Beatles also attracted another type of people. Fans of Frank Sinatra suddenly appreciated rock-and-roll, and in time learned to like the Beatles style. Soon, the whole world became transformed by the Beatles; the Beatles had become famous.

Long after the Beatles had their last hit, and long after the Beatles craze had died down, remembrance of the Beatles still haunted their fans.

Even though the band split up in 1970, and despite individual success, fans still approached the former Beatles pleading for them to reunite; however, that never happened. Uproar and horror struck everywhere when the news of John Lennon's murder aired. Appalled and shocked, those who loved, or more so worshiped, the Beatles felt the loss of John Lennon, an amazing musician in his time. Years after the Rock and Roll Hall of fame had admitted the Beatles, and many years after the band's first recognition on the Ed Sullivan show, the remaining Beatles got together and finished recording John Lennon's previous song. This song, "Free As A Bird," later went into the Anthology Album: three albums commemorating the Beatles. Because this album became one of the fastest selling albums in the history of popular music, it goes to show that world will never forget the Beatles.

Heroes have a way of changing the way one looks at the world, and the Beatles certainly did that by having a unique style, creating a new sound of music, and earning a place in many people's hearts. Contributing to music, the Beatles showed the world what fame really means. Rock-and-Roll legends, the Beatles transcend the millennium. Receiving the honor of the millennium stamp, the Beatles will stay remembered.