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50's Entertainment Compared to our decade, teenagers of the fifties seem to have a very simple definition of entertainment. Television had just begun to become popular. Although many people did not have televisions during the early years of the fifties, by 1956 Americans owned forty two million television sets (50's Time Life 22). Television shows were in black and white. Most television shows did not come on during the morning or mid-day, but rather in the late afternoon and evening. Some popular television shows of this time period were "I Love Lucy"�, "The Ed Sullivan Show"�, and "American Bandstand"�.

"American Bandstand"� was one of the most popular shows among teenagers of the fifties. "American Bandstand"� had been appearing on a local station for five years when ABC decided to make it part of its line up (Hine 247). "It was a very inexpensive way for the number three network, which had a very limited daytime schedule, to fill an hour and a half of airtime.

It quickly became a phenomenon."� (Hine 247). Part of the large success of "American Bandstand"� was due to the very popular host, Dick Clark. "Clark spun the latest records while his one hundred and fifty guests stages a ninety minute dance-a-thon so wholesome that even mothers looked on with approval."� (50's Time Life 56). The teens who were seen on "American Bandstand"� set many examples for teenagers who were watching at home. They showed them the proper way to dress. On "American Bandstand"�, the teenage boys all had to wear jackets and ties. Their look was completed with a neat, and often expensive haircut. The teenage girls wore dresses and skirts (all which reached very well below the knee) often with sweaters covering...