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Heart Piece Locations 1) Mabe Vilage. Fall down well W of town.

2) Mysterious Forest. Enter log tunnel. With PB, lift rocks to get to chest.

3) Knalet Castle. With flippers, swim to SW of the moat. Dive along edge.

4) Fishing Pond. Get all the fish. The last big fish will have a heart.

5) Ukukie Prarie. Bomb the wall W of fairie bomb hole. Dash through crystals.

6) Tal Tal Heights Water Cave. After beating Angler's cave, go right until you see a cave. Enter and dive near the middle.

7) Koholint Prairie. Using Roc's Feather, west of Mys For, hop over pits to heart in middle.

8) Eastern Tal Tal Mountains. Cross bridge and slash bush.

9) Yarna Desert. After beating that worm guy, fall into the sand hole. Bomb N wall.

10) Animal Village. Take path outside fence (where walrus is) and bomb the N wall.

11) Cemetery. Push up on the secret passage gravestone, then use hookshot or jump diagonally to get it.

12) Turtle Rock Dungeon. Go up the back stair and collect the heart(its also near a portal).

Sea Shell Locations 1) Mabe Village. Cut Bushes south of the shop. There is one beneath one.

2) Mabe Village. Dig in the dog house of bowow's. SE corner 3) Tail Cave. Bomb Left wall of room 4-d.

4) Mysterious Forest. With Power Bracelet, so to the S. part, lift the rock, and open chest.

5) Ukuku Prarie. Dig near the opening near ghost's grave. Its clearly marked by plants.

6) Seashell Mansion. With 5 shells, go the the Mansion to collect your 6th.

7) Ukuku Prairie. Plants X mark the spot. N Of key cavern. Dig in middle.