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There are two sides to the controversial subject abortion. PRO-LIFE who are the people that are against abortion and the PRO-CHOICE or the people who believe that a woman has every right to do anything she wants with her body. I believe that people must stop making a mistake and denying the facts about the procedure and start hearing the silent scream of unborn children. I believe that killing unborn babies is unacceptable. If you are ready to have sex, you should be ready to have children. Taking care of children are the responsibilities we have that have to face when we have sex. Sex and conception of a baby are two very connectable terms. Therefore, on the topic of abortion, I am Pro-life. I am not as active as most of the other followers but I support the good fight.

First of all, Pro- life solution is what it sound like, the pro- life is for life and the only solution is to have the baby and to live with it.

Abortion is not an option to the Pro-life activists. The anti- abortion or Pro- life have various reasons for their thinking, and many of them are attached to their religions' standards. Religious standards vary from having an abortion before 120 days after the pregnancy, as in Islam to it is a sin to have an abortion, as it is in Christianity. Abortion is killing of a human life, an unborn baby. A fetus is not just a blob of tissue rather a fetus is Latin for offspring or young one.

Second of all, Anti- abortionist's reasons also come from the belief that a human beings is born after conception, and that the death of that seed or fetus resembles the execution of an innocent human being. They...