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Bodybuilding has recently become one of the world's fastest growing sports. There are many different types of bodybuilders. For example, there are professionals who work out for mass, those who work out for definition and those who work out for strength. There is much more to bodybuilding than there appears to be. In order to produce substantial muscle growth, proper training methods must be followed. On a different level, training and preparation before a bodybuilding competition is much more strict and differs in many ways from off-season routines.

Upon deciding to take up bodybuilding, his primary goal must be to learn the proper techniques in order to fatigue the muscle properly. Once the muscle has been brought to a point of failure, it must be given time to rest and then it will grow in size.

In order to achieve maximum intensity for the muscle during a workout, a bodybuilder must learn the proper techniques.

He must use strict form in order to isolate the muscle being worked on. Jerking the weight will not achieve good results and may cause injury. Instead, a comfortable weight should be used in order to take advantage of such techniques as continuous tension, peak contraction, burns and negative reps. Continuous tension refers to slow, steady movements without locking the joints. When you perform an exercise with quick movement, the momentum robs the working muscle of its intended resistance. Therefore, when slowing a movement down, the muscle is stressed much more heavily. When a muscle comes close to becoming fully contracted, the number of muscle cells being contracted increases and thus making the muscle stronger. Therefore, you should keep full resistance on the muscle when it is fully contracted. Using burns at the end of a set and past the point of...