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Book Report The Black Arrow by Louis Stevenson is about a man (name unknown) who is trying to get revenge on five men that had wronged him. He eventually kills four of them. All of his arrows were black, hence the name of the book. Later in the book he is nearly killed by a random arrow. He was attacked by the fifth person that wronged him. He was nearly killed.

This book was one of the most boring books I have ever read. It had no action whatsoever. Some parts of the book would go for about two chapters before there was any action. The language of the book (old English) was very hard to comprehend. In some places the author would blend in words and you wouldn't be able to tell what he was trying to say. The whole book was mainly about a bunch of villagers just talking.

The author was never clear on his subject either. In some parts of the book he would just jump from one point to another.

In the very beginning of the book it starts out with three old archers just TALKING for eighteen pages. In chapter three, page 120 the villagers are just standing around talking again! In the end of the book all of the main characters die. Also, once again, the villagers are just standing around TALKING! I could not and will not recommend this book to anyone. In fact I would advise you NOT to read it.