Book Report on a book by Dean Koontz called Midnight

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Title: Midnight

Author: Dean R. Koontz

# Pages: 470

Date Published: January 1989

Type of Novel: Fiction- Horror

Place/Time Settings: Moonlight Cove, CA- June


Sam Broker: Sam is an FBI agent and he has to save the townspeople from being converted. He falls in love with Tessa along the way though.

Tessa Capshaw: Tessa's sister got murdered by one of the bad "converts". And that's what brings her to Moonlight Cove and to Sam and Chrissie Foster and Harry. She falls in love with Sam along the way.

Chrissie Foster: A 9-year-old girl whose parents got converted and are trying to capture her so they can convert her also. So Sam and Tessa protect her.

Harry: Harry got injured in the war so he's in a wheelchair and he has a dog named Moose whose the BEST in the whole story I think!!! He helps Same and Tessa and Chrissie.


1. His twisted face and bloodshot eyes reminded her of Dr. Jekyll. (page 15) This passage is short and to the point and it gives you a clear image of what this "convert" looks like.

2. His close association with Moose had convinced him that dogs were gifted with a sense of humor. (page 78) I like this passage because I love dogs and I agree entirely with what Harry thinks of Moose.

3. Nevertheless, she would cling to the light and shun the darkness. (page 146) I like this passage because Koontz uses the words clings and shuns and it dramatized and makes it sound much better.

4. The flesh was suddenly as malleable as soft wax. (page 203) I like the metaphor Koontz uses in this quote, I think it sounds good and you can almost feel the flesh.

5. The culvert was as utterly lightless...