Book Report: Shabazz, Malcolm X, "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" New York: Random House, 1964

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"The Autobiography of Malcolm X" was written to inform all people about the life of

Malcolm X and his struggles as a black man in America. Malcolm X was a great figure in

American history. His struggle to unite the black race was well known throughout the world. Malcolm X wanted to make sure his legacy was never forgotten. His book has brought a great amount of knowledge about the "black man's" struggle to many generations and to those to come. Despite the fact that his life was cut short his wealth of knowledge has continued to inspire people internationally. Malcolm X did an excellent job of explaining the struggles the black community face on a daily basis. He was one of the first African-Americans to stand up and speak out against the racially divided society in America. His book provided first hand accounts of the racial prejudice Malcolm faced as a child growing up in the Confederate South.

Next, he did an excellent job of showing readers that the North was not any easier on a black man. Then we see Malcolm struggle through seven hard years in prison; however, he learns of the religion of Islam. Malcolm X's book takes readers on the journey of becoming a member of the Nation of Islam. Readers also see how hard Malcolm X worked to better black communities and promote the conversion of blacks from Christianity and many other religions to Islam. He also shows readers how dangerous it can be to put all of your faith into someone who calls themselves a prophet of God. Malcolm put all his faith into Mr. Elijah Muhammad, but he turned out to be a fake prophet. In the end of the book we see that Malcolm X had truly dedicated...