Book Report on "The Weirdo" by Theodore Taylor.

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The Weirdo

The Weirdo, by Theodore Taylor, takes place in an eerie swamp. The main characters are Samantha Sanders and Chip Clewt. The bears in the swamp are in danger of being hunted, if a 5 year ban is lifted. The person who is trying to keep the ban is Chip Clewt, a 17 year old, who has already finished high school. By his side, but a little unsure of herself, is Sam. They work together to strive towards keeping the hunting ban in effect. Together, Chip and Sam, strive towards keeping the ban in effect.

(TS) Chip stands up for what he believes in. (PS) Chip works to keep bears safe from hunters. (SS) When Sam's Dad went to shoot the bear, Chip and Sam stood next to it "And Chip didn't budge." 188 (SS) Chip, even when Sam's dad had a gun, didn't move, no matter what the consequences would be.

(PS) Chip stands up for what he believes in at the hunter's meeting. (SS) After telling the hunters how so many hunters hunt for pleasure, Chip says, "It's the destruction of species for pure pleasure, and it's also a billion-dollar business..." 206 (SS) Between 7 and 10 million Americans kill wild animals just for pleasure, that is a lot of animals. (CS) Against Chip, is Sam's Dad, who is just as persistent as Chip.

(TS) Sam's Dad, like Chip, also stands up for what he believes is right. (PS) Sam's Dad stands up for hunters, including himself, for being able to hunt in the swamp, by wanting to lift the ban. (SS) Trying to get Sam to understand him, Sam's Dad makes her go to the meeting, saying, "You're goin' to the meeting tonight." 199 (...