Book report writtin about wuthering heights. Athe different styles of writing of the time Emily Bronte. How the book relates to the time of eurpean history

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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is a book filled with a dark eerie mood and a little bit of romance that conclude unusual to the way a regular romantic novel ends. There is deception and cruelty that often over shadows the strong human bonds of love. There is that sense that it is like reality and all the characters are faulty like the narration and biased points of view that makes you think before coming to a conclusion of how the story really is. This story mirrors a view in that timing it was written like the different styles of writing.

Emily Bronte presents a story that is different and unique in that it deals with more of a reality of people like the biased views of Nelly, the narrator and housekeeper, about Catherine. It gives a more humanly aspect to the story besides the ghostly and mysterious parts like apparitions of Catherine trying to enter the house through Lockwood's window.

Another touch a fantasy but very realistic in a way is the extent of cruelty that Heathcliff subjugates his servants and his family members all because of his revenge he must take for the way he was treated as a youth. None of Emily's characters were spared from have negatives sides brought out. During this time a lot of revolution was happening in Europe and with the encouragement of education, women could get some degree of it and since books were popular, all sorts of books were published.

I enjoyed reading this book because of how it is so different from any other books I have encountered. At first the anti-climax of it all and the feeling of subtle evil lingering behind the story bothered me but it was so unique in that way that it was really pleasant. It...