Book Review of the book "The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth" by Leigh Montville

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First off, I thought that it was kind of odd that there are no real facts about The Babe’s childhood. Basically nothing is said about his mother and only a few stories remain about his father. One fact they do know is that he was born on 216 Emory Street Baltimore, Maryland. Babe was sent to a school for boys and lived their all throughout his schooling. It seemed more like a prison to me than a school. It was overcrowded and education was not a top priority, but baseball was, much to the Babe’s advantage. The school was meant to keep the boys with the catholic faith instead of being adopted and risking a chance of their religion being changed. However religion played little part in their education at St. Mary’s. Their schooling for religion was relied upon the Xaverian brothers to show them in their everyday ways.

Every child at the school had a nickname, none of which they liked. Babe’s was Nigger Lips. He seemed to be a bit darker than the rest of his classmates and heard the name countless times a day. I felt sorry for all the boys at the school at this point. What was so wrong with calling them their real name? But as the saying goes, boys will be boys. It was said that he had ADHD and was never able to sit still; which proved to be true later in life with his wild night life. Different stories are said about whether or not people came to visit him. Again, much of his childhood is a mystery.

Brother Matthias Boutlier caught Babe’s attention with the game and served as his inspiration for the game. He was the baseball idol at the school. Baseball was the most played sport at...