Born to be Good/Case Study

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Born to be Good

Born to be Good

I agree with the article "Born to be Good" written by Barry Bluestone. Moral behavior depends on the environment and the circumstance one is exposed to. Although some aspects of moral behavior have been outlined in the article, there is no conclusive outcome from the analysis.

Moral psychology in the article is focused on reasoning, but much of the evidence suggests that moral judgment is more a matter of emotion and intuition. For example, the experiment in which the group of psychologists set out to test the empathy levels proves that various individuals react differently to the same problem, but who to say that same person on a different day might have reacted differently to the experiment? Morality affects our daily choices, and those decisions are guided by our conscience. Again, we must decide for ourselves where our conscience originates. Many believe that our conscience is a matter of the heart, and that basic concepts of right, wrong and fairness are inherent in all of us.

A person's moral fiber has a great deal to do with there up bringing. When a person is raised in a religious home most of the lessons are taught from the Bible, therefore instilling a religious moral view on life. Not saying that religious up bringing is superior to any other, just that the values of Christianity is closer to fair and moral treatment towards others. Often people assume that we will naturally discover values that are true and good. In fact we assume all people are automatically good. This is not so. People are capable of good, but doing so requires deliberate explanation, practice and example. It doesn't come "naturally" and our stubborn pretense that it does is what leads many situations to become...