Bowling for Columbine - To what extent is it appropriate to use violence as a means of solving conflict?

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The Violence Reflection

By: Amanda Lum


To what extent is it appropriate to use violence as a means of solving conflict?

Take a side! Either argue that is okay to use violence or it is not... under any circumstance. Use real word exemplars to support your argument. Real world examples can include personal experiences, things you have witnessed/read about or historical references.

A brief definition of violence by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary states that "violence is the use of physical force to harm someone, to damage property, etc." Everyone has seen violence before. It's all around us. We see it in the movies, we sometimes hear it in the lyrics in music, use it in some of the video games and can sometimes even experience it ourselves. Sometimes violence can be so present in our everyday lives that some people might see it as the only way to solve problems. However, I disagree.

Violence is not an appropriate means of solving conflict for several reasons. Violence hurts the people who are involved in the conflict and those around them. Secondly, once violence is used to try and solve problems, the violence just continues and the problem gets worse. This is not acceptable since there are so many other ways that are more effective in solving problems.

Using violence to solve issues almost always results in a winner and a loser. It doesn't do any good for the people involved in the conflict, other bystanders, and ultimately, even affects the community. For example, in the novel 'The Outsiders', the conflict between the Greasers and the Socs resulted in a violent ending. Rob, one of the boys who were apart of the Socs, got stabbed by one of the Greasers and that harmed many people who were involved, and even with the people...