Brave New World by Aldous Huxley has similar traits to a totalitarian society. Discuss.

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The society in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley shares many of the same traits as a totalitarian society. In this essay I will be describing the traits of totalitarianism and which of these traits are shared by the Brave New World. I also included some of my thoughts and opinions on why these types of governments are not successful and what can be learned from them.

A totalitarian government is a government based solely on control. Unlike a democracy, this type of government does not allow the public to have any say in what goes on. The government decides all aspects of the society. A totalitarian government dictates everything. It involves itself in every detail of its society, and the daily life of its citizens. It controls the police and the military, which act based on what the top leader commands. They are have power over all economic and education systems.

Totalitarian governments control all social, spiritual, cultural and intellectual activities (Encarta.msn

.com). Events that were held before the formation of the new government are reinvented and coordinated to serve the purposes of the state. All forms of communication are also controlled. Television channels, magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts, books, theater productions and movies are controlled by the party. Not only does the government dictate all political matters, but it also attempts to influence all attitudes, values, and beliefs of its people (Definition,

A totalitarian society is headed by a dictator, the absolute ruler of the country. Instead of several different parties with different views and varied opinions, there is one party that every citizen must belong to. All people are expected and often forced to look to this party for energy and support. Negative opinions and opposite political views are forbidden. Differences of opinions and refusal to conform...