"The Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

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This is just a : Do you want to live in this world essay.

The Brave New World

In The Brave New World, their society is unique compared to the reality that I live in. They may have many advantages and disadvantages if it is compared to our society. Brave New World's utopia would be nice to have in our society. Having to place myself in their world would never happen. I do not think living in the utopia of brave new world would suit me.

Living in brave new world would be like living in another galaxy. There is too much change in the ways I am accustomed to our world. Although they have a drug that makes one happy temporary with no side effects; I would rather choose to live in the world I do now. Soma, a drug that relieves one of misery, is rather based on the drug we have called Viagra. It is similar yet there are side effects to Viagra. Having to be a "player" or a "whore" is considered to be normal, while in our world it is vice versa. Also in their world, there are no diseases; I would not mind living there only for that reason. In our society, there are diseases and a majority of them have cures. The people in brave new world are able to live in the appearance and stability of when they were at the age of 30. In which conflicts because they lose out on a few years of life, because having that appearance makes them die at the age of 60. The people in brave new world do not have to worry about money because they do not need to purchase anything.

Soma would be a great drug to people in our...