"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley

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The society in "Brave New World", by Aldous Huxley, is exceptionally different from society today. Acts that are accepted in today's society are frowned upon in the society Huxley creates, such as, worshipping God, and marriage. Science and technology rule the society in Brave New World, and due to this, society is incredibly efficient and productive. One might see the society in Brave New World as improved and beneficial, but despite the benefits, freedom is extremely limited in this society. Some may believe that the losing of freedom is worth gaining the safety, happiness, and stability of Huxley's society, whereas others do not feel that giving up their freedom is worth what Huxley's society has to offer. The type of society that would be prefered depends on what is valued most, safety and stability, or freedom and individuality. Different types of people would choose differently but it seems that nothing is worth giving up your freedom or individuality.

Those are important aspects of life that Huxley's society deprives its people of.

In "Brave New World" everyone is happy, or they seem to be. Regardless of what is believe, the people of the World State aren't truly happy, its citizens are only happy because that's how people were conditioned. Everyone was conditioned as a child to enjoy doing what they were planned to do. Without the conditioning, the people in Huxley's society wouldn't be happy; they would find what truly makes them happy. Some babies, for example, are conditioned to hate flowers and the country, but without the conditioning the babies might have ended up loving flowers and the country. It doesn't seem appropriate that others choose what you love or hate, it should be everyone's right as a human being to make those types...