How bravery is shown in "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane

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Many times a person's life bravery is shown. The person may not even know their bravery, but the result of their action has impacted someone. The person may not even have an intention to do acts of bravery but simply try to help in a time of need. A person, who shows an example of this in the Open Boat, is the captain. The captain displayed his courage, although with no intentions in the end of the story in which the captain directs his crew members to get off the boat, and avoid life threatening situations.

Throughout the story they captain was helping his crew members. When the crew was looking for land, they felt disappointed because they could not find a piece of land, but the captain assured them, to not keep their hopes down. "Look again," said the captain. He pointed. "It's exactly in that direction."

The captain also looked out for his crew even when they were working hard for him. "Take her easy now boys," said that captain. "Don't spend yourselves. If we have to run surf you'll need all your strength, because we'll sure have to swim for it." "Take your time." The captain is showing his concern for his crew member; by easing their workload when he knows a time soon to come they will need their strength. But the true evident bravery is shown in the end of the story when the crew is in a life threatening situation.

The crew reached a lighthouse in which they thought support was coming. Although the captain himself thought that someone would come to the rescue, he had to take matters into his own hands. "They'll have a boat out for us in less than no time, now that they've seen us." Although the...